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Astro Community Award Winners

Recognizing outstanding contributors, supported by Astro's Open Collective funding.

Celebrating bug fixes, new features, docs, translations, support, and community involvement!

June 2024

  • Lukas

    Awarded $500

    For contributions to the Astro development, issues, and support.

  • Grahf

    Awarded $250

    For being active on Discord offering community support.

  • Junseong Park

    Awarded $250

    For tirelessly keeping up with docs translations.

  • Armand Philippot

    Awarded $250

    For being an enthusiastic contributor to docs translations.

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May 2024

  • Lorenzo Lewis

    Awarded $500

    For exceptional contributions to Starlight development, docs, and support.

  • Szymon Chmal

    Awarded $250

    For fixing issues in the Astro core codebase.

  • Sergio A. Arevalo Soria

    Awarded $250

    For for being active in Docs PRs and reviews.

  • Arknoodle

    Awarded $250

    For being positive, encouraging, and helpful in support.

April 2024

  • Eduardo Pereira

    Awarded $500

    For exceptional contributions to Astro Docs.

  • Martin Trapp

    Awarded $250

    For continued contributions to view transitions development, support, and education.

  • liruifengv

    Awarded $250

    For contributing to several repos with translations, reviews, maintenance, and updates.

  • Ádám Liszkai

    Awarded $250

    For being a welcoming, helpful member of support.

March 2024

  • Alexander Niebuhr

    Awarded $500

    For significant leadership with the Cloudflare adapter and extraordinary community leadership.

  • Adam Matthiesen

    Awarded $250

    For significant contributions to the Astro integrations ecosystem.

  • Henri Fournier

    Awarded $250

    For providing outstanding community support in Discord.

  • casungo

    Awarded $250

    For their enthusiastic contributions translating Astro Docs into Italian.

  • Jason Lengstorf

    Awarded $250

    For educating and entertaining the community with content and video streams.

February 2024

  • Ming-jun Lu

    Awarded $500

    For contributing to all aspects of the Astro project and community including support, translations, migrating tests and fixing issues.

  • ktym4a

    Awarded $250

    For contributions to the Astro ecosystem, including core and integrations.

  • Jack Shelton

    Awarded $250

    For outstanding leadership and community support with the `QwikDev/astro` integration.

  • Emil Gulamov

    Awarded $250

    For their enthusiastic contributions translating Astro Docs into Russian.

  • Bryce Russell

    Awarded $250

    For creating several popular community packages and leadership in community support.

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